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Starting to pay with some bits of cheap timber to define a layout and storage spaces in the back of the car.

It's much easier for me to work like this and figure things out than to try to draw diagrams. If I get something that works I may just get better quality stuff and do it all again.

The main constraint I've set on myself is I want both left and right sides to be independently stable, so I can have just one in there sometimes, but both when using it as a sleeping platform.

Some MDF boards laid flat in the back of a RAV4, with some pine pieces starting to define some squared off areas on top

We have a curious problem at work right now, where there's a spike in our server room temperature every 18 hours. The aircon people have been out a couple of times but failed to explain it.

We're due for one of the spikes next week at 2pm on a 40 degree day. Yay!

Oooh the deep-cycle battery that I ordered way back during the sales finally came in and is ready for collection. Can't wait to hook it up to the solar panel and see how long it'll keep my little 12v fridge running!

Going to be so much fun if it all works out.

Hi, new Chinwag arrivals! Been a while since I refreshed the pinned welcome post, so here we go!

First, welcome! Second, Chinwag is more of a community than a service. We're pretty chill and open, but the happiness of our current regular users is more important than future growth.

Our admins are moderately left-leaning by Australian standards, so if you're an American you'll probably think we're godless communists bent on destroying society. Just fair warning.

Please post pics of your cats.

Love it when a Youtuber incorporates some kind of dramatic reveal in their video that's completely blown by the fact that they mention the thing they're revealing in the video's title.