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I have made a limited edition set of Backyard Quiz fridge magnets and the only way to get one is to come to the show.

Use the code GROUSE at checkout for 2-for-1 ticket discounts if you come with a friend but that won't get you two magnets. I'll make you fight over one.


Damo and Mick's - Backyard Quiz | Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2023

Damo and Mick are back with their ramshackle quiz show…

A fridge covered in magnets with the Damo and Mick's Backyard Quiz logo on them

Since I finished the bulk of my show homework on Sunday, I gave myself the whole of yesterday off, and I think it was a great idea. I don't take my brain pills, I just let it flap away in the breeze and do whatever. I need that sometimes.

Really throws what my brain is like into sharp relief though. Wow.

Anyway, today I'm going to start by loading the dishwasher because apparently some rando broke in here yesterday and trashed the kitchen.

The Backyard Quiz opens tomorrow night for our cheapass ticketed "preview night".

All our prep appears to be under control. The venue and space is lovely. We've got some great comedians booked and it's going to be fun, even if the tech is a bit shaky because a) that's our brand, and b) preview night exists mainly to see what happens when theory meets practice.

We've sold exactly 2 tickets for this night and I'm going to give those sweet, brave souls some gifts. Oh yeah.

I'm in the home stretch of watching Seinfeld for the first time. Final season now.

Interesting that it took until season 8 for the first mention of the internet existing, and then only as a brief "I gotta on that thing" joke.

It's been ... fine. I recognised some episode titles as ones that are listed among the best episodes but I can't say anything really stood out.

I see why it's liked, but it's not my thing. I'm just not a Seinfeld fan.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.