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Woolies fucked up my order again today (although not too much) but in the process have given me a 1.1kg oven-ready mac and cheese thing that I didn't order but I can imagine will dominate my life for several days when I bake it.

And I WILL bake it because I can't handle the idea of wasting that much food, and it's not something that can be frozen.

Stay tuned for exciting episodes of man vs macaroni.

I dozed off again after my alarm went off this morning, and woke up in a panic around 10am going "oh god I overslept" and now I'm just wandering from room to room looking for something to do and I don't know what the hell I thought I was missing out on.

I noticed today how much a Model M keyboard in good condition can sell for and I have decided that I probably should clean mine and possibly take care of it to some degree.

Thanks to @matt for the suggestion of making spanakopeta to use up a heap of silverbeet! I quietly fudged things a bit because I didn't want to dick about making filo pastry and use up some frozen sheets I had instead, but I don't think I committed any food crimes there.

A slab of spanakopeta sliced down the middle showing the cheesy and leafy fillingA baked spanakopeta from the side with puffy pastry on top and browned, crispy cheese on the side