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A week ago I was wandering around old railway infrastructure in the outback, and damn I miss it out there.

I certainly didn't plan to spend that much time in SA but I'm very glad I did.

I can't believe they have just gone ahead and named one of those "buy now pay later" schemes "FU". It's so brazen it'd almost be worthy of respect if it wasn't some predatory bullshit targeting low-income earners.

Torn corner of a piece of junk mail advertising So what are you waiting for? Download the app on iOS or Android and get Fu’ing started today!

Saddened to realise that the really nice rooftop tent I like is just too big to go on top of Gunter. I need to step down a bit in features for the car I have.

This looks pretty uninteresting I think, but I just took it to illustrate what I thought was the weirdest think about Lake Eyre. As you're walking down to the lake bed, the sand and vegetation is pretty much identical to what you'd see at any beach on coast.

A sand dune with reddish sand and windblown vegetation hanging on to the top of it.