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I found a 64MB SD card in an old phone the other day, and it's pretty amazing how these things have transitioned from mega to giga without any change in form factor.

Looking forward to being able to lose 64 terabytes down the back of the couch in the future.


A couple of days ago, I stopped for fuel and really needed to pee. After I filled up the car, I dashed inside and headed fast to the toilet.

That's when I realised I'd left my mask in the car. I have never felt so naked and exposed in my life.

I'm sorry, good people of the servo. I was "that guy" and I deserve your judgement and I swear that's the only time it's happened.

I swear that any Chinwag services will never give you a notification for anything that you don't ask for or can't turn off.

Also I'll respect my fucking users' decisions and not revert settings every so often hoping you won't notice.

Chinwag apps will respect your fucking decisions about what content you want to see, none of this "See less often" bullshit.

Yes, I had to use the terrible sites today and wow I'd forgotten how good we have it here, folks.