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For 1980s British sci-fi, Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future holds up shockingly well. Even for a movie that has an extended sequence where it just stops the plot and runs a few full music videos in a row.

Just sinking in now that I've got less than a week to try to make this place somewhat child-safe and I literally have boards with rusty nails sticking out of them in the back room.

Ever picked up a spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol backwards somehow and sprayed a good shot directly into your eye? Yeah me neither. That'd be a hugely embarrassing mistake to make and so easily avoidable with even the most basic attention to detail.

I've been watching the new series of The Stand, and I'm enjoying it, mostly. I really like the way they've structured it with flashbacks instead of purely chronological order of events, and the casting is pretty good, much better performed than the old miniseries.

But, and I guess this is a minor gripe, they're not diverging from the book very much so far which has left me wishing I didn't know the story, because I now doubt they'll make any surprise changes and I know how it'll all end.

I have been incredibly tired all day, and nearly dozed off in my chair more than once.

I'm really looking forward to going to bed early tonight and staring at the ceiling until 3am so I can do this again tomorrow.