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I've redone the bed platform in the back of the RAV4 from a low-level thing to about 25cm off the ground in an attempt to solve The Big Tent Problem.

After discovering my Big Tent won't fit on the roof, I had to think about whether to take a smaller tent or other option and I landed on "I really like this tent and it's important to have it".

I've made sleeping in the back a little more cramped, but I think the tradeoff is worth it.

A beanbag on a raised platform in the back of a car with a bag labelled as a 4-person tent stowed under it. The end of a bag sticking out from under a wooden platform in the back of a car.

Last year, my pear tree produced one pear. This year I got two!

If this trend continues I will be able to supply 100% of Australia's pear requirements within 25 years.

A pear that I grew

I am totally not readjusting to doing normal work right now. Can't focus on a damn thing, there's so much that I put in the "I can't deal with this until after festival" basket that's now all waiting for me.

I think the best analogy for how I feel right now is in electronics. In the leadup to comedy festival my brain has been pulled high the whole time, but now it's been disconnected and my mind is a floating input.

I'm glad there are at least three people out there who'll get this.