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October 22, 2022While it’s been something that was obvious to me for for a very long time, it was only a month ago I was officially diagnosed with ADHD by an actual psychiatrist. Now that my diagnosis has been validated and impostor syndrome is a thing of the past, I am finally going to start talking about how it’s been living with ADHD. [...]
July 10, 2022When I left home on a slightly chilly Saturday morning, my only plan was “go for a walk somewhere” and I knew in the absence of any sudden inspiration, I was going to head in a Lerderderg-ish direction, mainly because in my head I love saying “Lerderderg” as if I’m the Swedish Chef. I did … [Read more …] [...]

Chinwag Posts

This last week or so has been a right fuckin rollercoaster of awesome shit and PTSD nightmares and work being super demanding hope and loss and oh god can I just get though the next couple of weeks and switch my brain off for a little bit please?

Just let me catch my fucking breath.

I appear to have jumped on board a train of thought bound for "people we've lost" and I think I'm gonna have to open a bottle of wine when I get home.

Now I've done the GPS synced Swatch Clock (needs a catchy name still I guess) I have some other dumb clock ideas I might get around to.

The one I want to do next is the Stopped Clock. It always displays the same time, but blinks or changes colour or something when it's the right time - twice a day, or once a day if you use 24-hour time mode.