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October 22, 2022While it’s been something that was obvious to me for for a very long time, it was only a month ago I was officially diagnosed with ADHD by an actual psychiatrist. Now that my diagnosis has been validated and impostor syndrome is a thing of the past, I am finally going to start talking about how it’s been living with ADHD. [...]
July 10, 2022When I left home on a slightly chilly Saturday morning, my only plan was “go for a walk somewhere” and I knew in the absence of any sudden inspiration, I was going to head in a Lerderderg-ish direction, mainly because in my head I love saying “Lerderderg” as if I’m the Swedish Chef. I did … [Read more …] [...]

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I managed to locate a 44-pin IDE cable with two drive connectors on it, but wasn't sure the Amiga would support primary/secondary drives without messing about.

Turns out it does, it works fine! So anyway here's an Amiga 500 with a 4GB internal hard drive and a CF card slot!

I don't know how much life this old drive has left in it though, so I'll probably replace it soon with something a little more robust but proof of concept is running well!

An open Amiga 500 case with a long ribbon cable running across the board to a hard drive on the far side and a Compact Flash adaptor hanging off the edge where the floppy drive would go

As much as I dislike ruining the thrill of discovery for people, this is a reminder for any of you who follow @1994clipart to be sure to read the image descriptions because there have been some truly excellent ones lately.

Having a really good citrus year so far! Quantity isn't huge, but the quality has been great. If I get time today or tomorrow I might do a marmalade with a bit of everything - although if I hold off a week I might have a grapefruit ready to join the party. They're looking pretty close.

Half a dozen oranges, three finger limes and a lemon on a draining rack