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October 22, 2022While it’s been something that was obvious to me for for a very long time, it was only a month ago I was officially diagnosed with ADHD by an actual psychiatrist. Now that my diagnosis has been validated and impostor syndrome is a thing of the past, I am finally going to start talking about how it’s been living with ADHD. [...]
July 10, 2022When I left home on a slightly chilly Saturday morning, my only plan was “go for a walk somewhere” and I knew in the absence of any sudden inspiration, I was going to head in a Lerderderg-ish direction, mainly because in my head I love saying “Lerderderg” as if I’m the Swedish Chef. I did … [Read more …] [...]

Chinwag Posts

Some people complain about artists promoting their work on the fedi but today I'm absolutely using every single account I have to post and boost my shit so yeah.

The only thing I've been hesitant about is referring to myself as an artist in this post because impostor syndrome is a right asshole.

Took my poster and flyer PDFs to the printer, so I'm committed and can stop opening them up, moving the text 2mm, deciding it was better before, and closing the files again now.

We need to send another robot to the moon immediately, to help the one that fell over.

Not to pick it up or anything - just to gently place a blanket over it and say everything's gonna be OK.