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Can't quite believe that a) I spent my Friday night dumping the BIOS of a computer from 1993, hex-editing a Y2K fix into it and writing a whole new EPROM; and also b) that it fucking worked.

My 486 now doesn't freak out when you tell it the year is 2020, so it's doing quite a bit better than a lot of us, really.

I have produced a quantity of hand-ground, organic, locally-sourced (imported from my back yard) chili powder. My nose is burning a bit just from standing over it while grinding. Good times.

Powdered red spice in the bottom of a glass jar, held up over a wooden board with a mortar and pestle in the background

Most of my photos of Meech feature him sleeping, because he's adorable when he does that, and he does it a lot - but here he is having a drink.

This is at the grave of my previous cat, Mojo. He had so much access to fresh water, but he only wanted to drink from an old birdbath dish full of algae and rainwater. That dish is now part of his memorial site, also home to a flourishing catmint plantation, in the shade of a young loquat tree.

Nice to see Meech continuing the tradition.

A ginger cat standing on some rocks, leaning over a terracotta dish full of murky water in a garden.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I was part of a team developing a game. It didn't really go anywhere but that's not important. As part of that involvement I set up a web site and did a few other things including prepping for a presence on Reddit.

Fast forward many years and some other game launches with the same name we had. Now I'm getting messages about could I hand over the sub.

Normally I'd be chill but they're heavily in bed with Facebook's VR shit so I think I'm gonna be a petty son of a bitch.